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2023 Events

February 4th 2023- 52nd Zama 7v7 Invitational

July 8th 2023-53rd Zama 7v7 Invitational

September 2nd-4th 2023- 11v11 International Friendship Cup

Since March of 1986, Zama Sports has been a true “grass-roots” American soccer company. Zama Sports is based in Southern California and has been aggressively attempting to advocate for the “beautiful game” since the beginning of its establishment. All our energy and resources have been dedicated to preaching the gospel of soccer.

   At the beginning it wasn’t very easy to preach about the “beautiful game”, but nine World Cups (and another just around the corner) and 35 years later, it is amazing to see how far the game has grown in the United States. However, we see an even bigger and brighter future for the game in America. If all of us are sincerely and genuinely committed to the continued growth of this sport, we should do our part to help advance it even further.

   From the very first tournament that we have done, our intention has always been to showcase these events so that more people are exposed to the “beautiful game” and experience everything it has to offer.

   Our love of soccer is a universal language that not only makes us friends, but brings countries, religions, and races together. For some of us, who preach the game on a 24/7 schedule, it has brought us great joy and satisfaction to participate, support, and promote the “beautiful game” in the United States.

Thank you for sharing in our love for the game along with us.